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Grants Training

Preparedness Grants Branch Just-in-Time Video Disclaimers

To most effectively and efficiently provide technical assistance to better assist counties to correctly adhere to grant requirements the Ohio Emergency Management Agency’s Preparedness Grants Branch has developed Just-in-Time trainings which may provide insight into many of the most pressing technical requirements of grant compliance and convey best practices. In so doing, the Preparedness Grants Branch hopes to help better inform sub-recipients of potential audit findings to safeguard local funds from repayment and to ensure federal grant funds are utilized in the most effective way to equip and train responders to prepare Ohio for any emergent or disaster event. In this way, Ohio EMA through the Preparedness Grants Branch is committed to contributing toward a Safer Ohio.

The Preparedness Grants Branch team is comprised of grants specialists and administrators which regularly review guidance materials, compliance documentation, progress toward reporting requirements, best practices, contracts, procurement documentation and are apprised of common audit findings. While relaying certain expertise which comes from the continual review of regulations, requirements, and documentation necessary to successfully process cash requests, neither this site, nor the materials found on this site, should be considered legal advice. This information should supplement and not supplant any rules and regulations from 2 CFR 200, State or Local Guidance documents, as well as any applicable local, state and federal standards.

How to Submit a Grant Application in EGMS