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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency SNS Guidance

Local SNS Guidance Documents and Tools

We have assembled the following materials for you to use to conduct a self-assessment of your jurisdiction's SNS Program support plans:



Self-Assessment Tools

  • The CDC's 22-page Local TAR Tool - August 2009. This MS Word document is to be used by local jurisdictions to score the efficacy of their local SNS planning. (Please note that a 2007 version of this tool was used up until February 2009, but the 2009 version should be used at this time

  • The CDC's five-page Local SNS Program Planning Scoring Spreadsheet (minus receipt, storing and staging and distribution factors).

To Conduct your Jurisdiction's Self-Assessment

  1. Review the six guidance documents listed above.
  2. Use the 22-page Local TAR Tool to record your program assessment scoring.
  3. Transfer the scores from the MS Word document to the five-page Scoring Spreadsheet to automatically calculate your program score. The CDC guidance publications (see above) should also be reviewed to gain a better overall understanding of expectations.

In the development and/or revision of your SNS Program Support Plans, please also consider that three Target Capabilities 1) Mass Prophylaxis, 2) Medical Surge and 3) Medical Supplies Management and Distribution should be referenced as they are directly related.

If you have any questions regarding your self-assessment, please contact Brad Schwartz, State Planner, Ohio EMA at 614-799-3839 or at baschwartz@dps.state.oh.us.