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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency COVID-19 Releases


    COVID-19 News

08.06.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccinations Increasing, Delta Variant, Local Efforts Encouraged

06.24.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vax-a-Million Winners, Youth Vaccinations, Death Data

06.17.2021:  COVID-19 Update: State of Emergency to be Lifted; Vax-A-Million Winners

06.05.2021:  Ohio Reports Fewer than 50 COVID-19 Cases Per 100,000 Residents

06.03.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vax-A-Million Winners, Status of Vaccinations in Ohio

06.01.2021:  Governor Announces Health Orders Rescinded

06.01.2021:  Governor DeWine Reminds Unvaccinated Ohioans to Continue Wearing Masks

05.24.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vax-A-Million, Medicaid Vaccine Uptake, Isolation/Quarantine

05.17.2021:  COVID-19 Update: New Health Order, Youth Vaccination FAQs, Vax-A-Million Update, Resources for Ohio Employers

05.14.2021:  Gov. DeWine’s Statement on New CDC Mask Guidance

05.13.2021:  Ohio Vax-a-Million, Kids Vaccination, Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation

05.12.2021:  Governor DeWine Announces Vaccine Incentives, End Date for Health Orders

05.12.2021:  Gov. Announces Vaccinations Available to Youth in Ohio, Wolstein Center Vaccination Update

05.06.2021:  Ohio's Mass Vaccination Clinic in Cleveland to Offer Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Next Week

05.03.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Nursing Home & Assisted Living Employee Testing Exemption; Homebound Vaccination Plan

04.27.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Quarantine Health Order, Mass Vaccination Clinic, Economic Update

04.27.2021:  Governor Announces Health Orders Removing Restrictions Signed

04.23.2021:  Vaccine Providers Permitted to Resume Johnson & Johnson Vaccinations in Ohio

04.21.2021:  Vaccinations & Virus Spread, Unemployment System Enhancements, Law Enforcement Reform Efforts

04.15.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Variant Spread, Vaccination Opportunities, Inclusive Employer Toolkit

04.13.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

04.08.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Economic Recovery, Unemployment Insurance, Case Increases, Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

04.05.2021:  Condensed Health Order, High School Vaccinations, OhioRISE

04.01.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Higher Education and Workplace Vaccinations, Increase in Variant Spread

03.25.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Regional Mass Vaccination Sites, Vaccine Maintenance Program, BMV Website Redesign

03.22.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Nursing Home and Assisted Living Visitation, Vaccination Appointment Booking

03.18.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Declining Statewide Case Rate, Indoor Air Quality Assistance Program, Special Election Scheduled

03.14.2021:  Thousands of Additional Cleveland Mass Vaccination Appointments to Open Monday

03.11.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Nursing Home Visitation, Statewide Case Rate, Rapid Testing, County Fairs

03.10.2021:  Gov. DeWine Announces Cincinnati, Columbus Pop-Up Mass Vaccination Sites

03.08.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccination Phase 1D and Phase 2B, Centralized Vaccination Scheduling Tool

03.05.2021:  Gov. DeWine and FEMA Announce 15 Regional Mass Vaccination Sites to Open Across Ohio

03.02.2021:  Heath Orders Regarding Mass Gatherings, Sports, Entertainment Venues Signed

03.01.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccination Phase 1C and Phase2

02.25.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Spring Events, Provider Expansion, New Health Equity Website

02.23.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Nursing Home Visitation, Progression of Vaccine Eligibility

02.18.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccine Maintenance Program, Nursing Home Visitation, Phase 1B Medical Conditions

02.16.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Weather Delays, Central Scheduling, Virtual Townhalls

02.11.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccine Distribution, Nursing Home Cases Drop, ApprenticeOhio Milestone

02.11.2021:  Health Amended Order Reopening Food Service Stations Signed

02.09.2021:  COVID-19 Update: K-12 Progress, Rent Assistance, Ongoing Nursing Home Vaccination Plan

02.04.2021:  COVID-19 Update: New ODJFS Public-Private Partnership Team

02.02.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccine Equity

01.29.2021:  Vaccination Schedule for Ohio Schools Announced

01.28.2021:  COVID-19 Update: K-12 Staff Vaccinations, Pandemic Impacts on K-12 Kids

01.27.2021:  Health Order Signed Reducing Curfew by One Hour

01.26.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Curfew & Vaccine Updates, Senior Housing Clinics

01.21.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Phase 1B Vaccinations, Rapid Test, Curfew Extension

01.19.2021:  COVID-19 Update: 1B Timeline, K-12 Schools, Cybersecurity, Ohio Department of Insurance

01.19.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Phase 1B Vaccinations, Nursing Home Vaccinations, County Data

01.12.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Phase 1B Timeline

01.07.2021:  COVID-19 UPDATE: U.S. Capitol Breach, County Data, Phase 1B Vaccinations

01.05.2021:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccination Phases, Nursing Home Vaccinations, Virus Variant, Vaccine Redistribution

12.30.2020:  COVID-19 Update: School Quarantine Guidance Change, Curfew Extension, Bar and Restaurant Grants Still Available

12.21.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Thanksgiving Mobility, Upcoming Holidays, Ohio National Guard Waiver

12.17.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccines, New Advisory System Map, New Nurse PSAs

12.16.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccinations Continue in Ohio, Local Health Department Vaccination Guidance

12.15.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Vaccinations Begin in Ohio

12.11.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Stay Safe Ohio Protocol, Curfew Extension, Sports Variance

12.7.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Antigen Testing, K-12 Education Update, DataOhio Portal

12.7.2020:  Governor DeWine Urges Congress to Pass Additional COVID-19 Relief

12.4.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Phase 1 Vaccination Distribution Plan, Quarantine Guidance

12.4.2020:  ODH Updated Quarantine Guidance

12.3.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Increasing Positivity Rate; New Retail Compliance Unit Dashboard

12.1.2020:  Governor Visits RSS Warehouse Site as State Prepares for Vaccine Distribution

11.30.2020:   COVID-19 Update: 5,060 Hospitalizations, New Indoor Air Quality Program

11.24.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Governor DeWine Urges Ohioans to Safely Celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday

11.23.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Record Number of Hospital Admissions

11.19.2020:  Ohio Dept. of Health Order Signed, Encouraging Ohioans to Stay Home

11.19.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Critical Hospitalization Levels, New Childcare Dashboards

11.18.2020:  COVID-19 Update: 21-Day Statewide Curfew

11.12.2020:  COVID-19 Update: New Zip Code, Flu Dashboards; $30 Million to Assist Ohio Health Departments

11.11.2020:  Gov. DeWine Calls on Ohioans to Recommit to Safety Practices, Announces New Mask, Social Distancing Orders

11.9.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Unprecedented Spike in Hospital Admissions

11.5.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Record-Breaking Cases & Hospitalizations, Statewide High Incidence, New ODH Administrative Structure

10.29.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Record-Breaking Cases, COVID Defense Teams

10.27.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Updated County Risk Levels, Election Update

10.23.2020:  Governor DeWine Announces CARES Act Funding to Support Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Ohioans Impacted by COVID-19

10.22.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Take This Seriously and Don't Let Up

10.20.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Record-Breaking Hospitalizations, $1.3 Billion for Ohio Businesses, Spread from Social Gatherings

10.15.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Updated County Risk Levels, Increased Spread in Cases

10.13.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Increasing Cases, Childhood Vaccinations, Lab Capacity Dashboard, BinaxNOW Testing Plan

10.08.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Updated County Risk Levels, Nursing Homes Visitation Order, Women's Enterprise Certification

10.06.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Hospital Admissions, Quarantine Study, PPE Manufacturing

10.01.2020:  COVID-19 Update: September Summary, Prevalence Testing, Updated Risk Levels, Worker Upskilling

08.28.2020:  September is NPM - Disasters Don't Wait. Make Your Plan Today.

08.25.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Sports Order Variance Process, Entertainment Venue Order

08.20.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Reopening of Adult Day Care/Senior Centers, New Testing Initiative, BWC Dividend and Mask Distribution, PPE for Boards of Election

08.18.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Sports Health Order, Georgetown Veterans Home, Ohio Governor's Imagination Library, Women's Suffrage Centennial

08.13.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Improving Minority Health, Updated County Risk Levels

08.11.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Return to School, Increase in Cases in Younger Populations

08.07.2020:  COVID-19 Update: School Broadband Connectivity

08.04.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Masks in Schools, Rapid Testing, Community Spread and Spread from Faith-Based Settings, Dr. Amy Acton

07.30.2020:   Health Order Signed Limiting County Fairs to Junior Fair Activities

07.30.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Liquor Sale and On-Premises Consumption Limits, Mass Gathering Order, Updated Risk Levels

07.28.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Child Care Ratios to be Lifted, Additional Restrictions Announced for Local Fairs

07.23.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Eight Counties Increase to Red Alert Level Three, Importance of Self-Quarantines, Broadband Expansion

07.23.2020:   Statewide Facial Covering Order Signed

07.22.2020:   Governor DeWine Issues Statewide Mask Order, Travel Warning

07.16.2020:   COVID-19 Update - 19 Red Alert Level 3 Counties, Executive Order, PPE Manufacturing Grants

07.15.2020:   Gov. DeWine Implores Ohioans to Unite to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

07.09.2020:   COVID-19 Update - New Risk Levels, Higher Education Guidance, Funding for Schools, Homelessness Grant, IMAP Launch, SharedWork Program, Plasma Donation

07.08.2020:   Director's Orders Signed for Facial Coverings

07.07.2020:   COVID-19 Update - Face Coverings To Be Required in High-Risk Counties

07.07.2020:   Lt. Gov. Husted Announces Short-Term "Return to Play" Guidelines for Sports, Launches Campaign to Engage Young Ohioans

07.02.2020:   COVID-19 Update - School Guidelines, Public Health Advisory System

06.29.2020:   COVID-19 Update - Increases in Hospitalizations and Positivity Rate, Counties of Concern, Nursing Home Visitation, Order Extension

06.25.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Increase in Positive Cases, 2-1-1

06.23.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Public Awareness Campaigns, Fireworks, Criminal Justice Grants

06.16.2020:   COVID-19 UPDATE: Basic Reproduction Number, Pop-Up Sites, Multi-System Youth Grant

06.12.2020:   COVID-19 UPDATE: Testing Expansion, R0 in Ohio, Place of Worship Best Practices, New Role for Dr. Acton, ODJFS Employment/Training Grant

06.09.2020:   UPDATE: Mass Protest Standard, Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment, PPE Update, GOJO Expansion

06.05.2020:   UPDATE: Additional Reopening Dates, Order Signed, Ohio National Guard

06.02.2020:   UPDATE: Disparity, K-12 Reopening, Medical Procedures, Funding Opportunities for Businesses

05.28.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Testing, Assisted Living Visitation, Premium Deferrals, Fairs

05.26.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Congregate Care Unified Response Teams

05.22.2020:   Governor Announces New Health Orders Signed May 22

05.21.2020:   COVID-19 Update - Efforts to Improve Minority Health, New Sector Openings

05.20.2020:   Governor Announces New Health Orders Signed

05.19.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Ohioans Protecting Ohioans Urgent Health Advisory

05.18.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Safety Checks, Twin Valley Update, Veterans Home Update

05.14.2020:   COVID-19 Update: New Responsible RestartOhio Opening Dates

05.13.2020:   Ohio Receives Remdesivir to be Distributed Statewide

05.12.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Pandemic EBT, Additional Services to Reopen, Staying Connected

05.07.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Reopening of Restaurants, Bars, and Personal Care Services

05.05.2020:   COVID-19 Update: State Budget Impact

05.04.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Testing Priority, Ohio BMVs

05.01.2020:   Governor DeWine Announces ‘Stay Safe Ohio’ Order

04.30.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Prison PPE, ODRC Update

04.29.2020:   PPE Delivery, Employee Face-Covering Exceptions, Criminal Justice Grants, Class of 2020 Graduation

04.28.2020:   Face Coverings, Advisory Groups on Restaurants, Barbershops & Salons

04.27.2020:   Gov. DeWine Announces Details of Ohio's Responsible RestartOhio Plan

04.24.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Reagent and Testing Swabs, Contact Tracing, Foster Care

04.23.2020:   COVID-19 Update - How Environmental Changes Impact Health Risk

04.22.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Elective Surgery Order, Mental Health CareLine

04.21.2020:   COVID-19 Update: FDA Reagent Approval, Testing Strike Team, Fair Wavier, JobsOhio Banking Partnership, Dividend Checks

04.20.2020:   K-12 Schools to Remain Closed, Minority Health Strike Force, Data Collection, Private Lab Testing

04.17.2020:  COVID-19 Update: Recovery Phase, Inmate Testing

04.16.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Governor DeWine Discussed State's Plan for Reopening Businesses, Regional Coalition Formed

04.15.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Deferred Elective Procedures, CARES Act Payments, 1099 Unemployment Claims, First Responder PPE, Testing Partnership, Prison Update, Census 2020

04.13.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Nursing Home Order, Liquor Sales, TANF Funding, Rapid Testing, Prison Update

04.10.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Eased Medicaid Restrictions, N95 Sterilization, Distillery-Made Hand Sanitizer, Food Trucks at Rest Areas, New Data Reporting

04.09.2020:   COVID-19 Update: PPE Manufacturing, Convalescent Plasma

04.08.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Continue Staying Home, Correction Officer Death, PPE Sterilization, Child Abuse Reports, Proposed $1.6 Billion Dividend for Employers

04.07.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Liquor Sales, Office of Small Business Relief, Ohio Prisons, SNAP Payments

04.06.2020:   Sites Selected for Enhanced Hospital Capacity; ONG to Assist Federal Prison; Dispute Resolution Commission Now Active

04.04.2020:   Ohioans Encouraged to Wear Cloth Masks in Public; Governor Signs Telehealth EO; New WiFi Hotspot Locator

04.03.2020:   COVID-19 Update: Testing Supplies; PPE Sanitizing; Inmate Release Recommendation; Remote Learning Guide

04.02.2020:   Ohio Stay at Home Order Extended Through May 1

04.01.2020:   COVID-19 Update: PPE Manufacturing, Testing Order, Click   Connect, Foreclosure Prevention

03.31.2020:   Ohio Dept. of Health Receives All Allocated PPE from Strategic National Stockpile

03.31.2020:   Ohio Takes Inventory of Ventilators; Issues Emergency Connection Order; Extends Telework Order

03.30.2020:   Gov. DeWine Extends School Closure Order

03.30.2020:   Ohio EMA Warns about Scam Phone Calls

03.29.2020:   Governor, Lt. Governor Thank FDA for Approval of Use of Battelle Technology

03.29.2020:   Gov. DeWine, Lt. Gov. Husted express disappointment in FDA's decision to limit use of Battelle Technology

03.28.2020:   Gov. DeWine makes plea to FDA; Releases list of needed PPE

03.27.2020:   Gov. DeWine signs House Bill 197

03.26.2020:   Gov. DeWine, Pres. Obhof, Speaker Householder Announce Postponement of State of the State Address

03.26.2020:   Personal Protective Equipment Needed; New COVID-19 Data Dashboard Unveiled

03.25.2020:   Gov. DeWine's Statement on House Bill 197

03.23.2020:   Gov. DeWine Orders Hiring Freeze for State Agencies, Boards and Commissions

03.22.2020:   Ohio Issues “Stay at Home” Order; New Restrictions Placed on Child Daycares

03.21.2020:   Adult Day Services to Close; BWC Payments Deferred; Trucking Waivers Issued

03.21.2020:   Governor, Lt. Governor Statements Honoring State Rep. Dan Manning

03.20.2020:   Ohio Records First COVID-19 Death; Senior Centers, Adult Day Cares to Close

03.19.2020:   SBA Applications Being Accepted for Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program; DeWine Signs Order Expanding Telehealth Services for Medicaid Recipients

03.19.2020:  (SBA NR) SBA Offers Disaster Assistance to Ohio Small Businesses Economically Impacted by COVID-19

03.19.2020:  (SBA in Spanish) La SBA Ofrece asistencia en caso de desastre a las pequenas empresas de Ohio afectadas economicamente por el COVID-19

03.17.2020:   Joint Statement from Gov. DeWine and Secretary LaRose (7:31 pm)

Elective Surgeries Postponed in Ohio Hospitals (7:09 pm)

Ohio Dept. of Health issues order on closure of polling locations (11 pm)

Statement from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on the March 17 Election (10:09 pm)

Joint Statement from Gov. DeWine and Secretary LaRose on Ohio Primary (9:04 pm)

EMAO News Release: State Orders Bars, Restaurants Closed during Outbreak

03.15.2020:   Gov. News Release: Business, Community Leaders Praise Efforts to Slow Spread of COVID-19

03.15.2020:   Gov. DeWine Orders Ohio Bars & Restaurants to Close

03.14.2020:   Gov. DeWine Provides COVID-19 Update

03.12.2020:   Ohio Bans Mass Gatherings of 100 or More

03.12.2020:   Gov. DeWine Announces School Closures

03.11.2020:   Gov. DeWine Announces Fourth Confirmed COVID-19 Case; Limits Access to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities

03.10.2020:   Gov. DeWine Recommends Limiting Large Indoor Gatherings

03.09.2020:   Gov. DeWine Signs Emergency Order Regarding Coronavirus Response