More fun and educational links and games for kids.

FEMA for Kids
Learn about preparing for disasters, preventing disaster damage, what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a "Disaster Action Kid" with Herman the spokescrab.

NOAA Education
Meet Owlie Skywarn; Billy and Maria as they introduce you to weather. Includes fun and games for both children and teens.

ODPS Ė Public Safety Kids
Meet Freddie the Firetruck, print off public safety coloring books and make your own license plates.

Ready Kids
Create a kit, make a plan and play games with Rory, Rex, Purcilla and Hector. Donít miss your chance to graduate from Readiness U!

ID R Kids For Safety
Obtain an Ohio ID card for your child at any Ohio Deputy Registrar. Ohio photo ID cards for children will assist authorities in the event that a child is reported missing.

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