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Ohio Emergency Management Agency

ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Local Plan Development Guidance

Development, Review and Maintenance of Local Emergency Operations Plans

This site offers information and links to guidance on the development, review, and maintenance of local Emergency Operations Plans (EOP), including the fundamentals of the emergency planning process. It is designed to assist in the development of a capability for effective participation in the all-hazard emergency operations planning process.

The Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA) continues to deliver a one-day course entitled, Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans. This course is presented annually to county emergency management agencies and whole community partners. This free interactive course primarily focuses on the planning development and review process, hazard analysis, basic plan, and annexes/emergency support functions relating to Emergency Operations Plans. Additional material covered includes Ohio Revised Code & Ohio Administrative Code requirements, CPG101 basics, National Incident Management System (NIMS), partner engagement, Continuity Of Operations (COOP) plans, and a brief overview of the state EOP.

This course is designed primarily for local emergency management personnel (e.g., county, city, or other jurisdictions), state emergency management personnel, voluntary agency representatives and private sector emergency managers who are actively engaged in emergency operations planning and the production of emergency operations plans. Other individuals who might find this training beneficial include local and state health department employees and first responders who are also engaged in the development and review of emergency operations plans.

Registration for this course can be done through the Public Safety Training Campus.

Plan Development and Review Guidance

In September 2018, Ohio EMA updated its primary local EOP development and review guidance documents.

Plan Development and Review Guidance (PDRG)

The State of Ohio's Plan Development and Review Guidance supplements the guidance found in FEMA's Comprehensive Preparedness Guidance 101 (CPG 101): Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans, Version 2.

Plan Development and Review Checklist (PDRC)

The Checklist incorporates the key tasks from FEMA's Core Capability Development Sheets. The Core Capabilities and other planning elements should be addressed within the EOP and integrated into a format most effective to the jurisdiction.

Previously, Target Capabilities were used to develop the PDRC; a cross walk between Target Capabilities and Core Capabilities can be accessed here.