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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency NIMS Guidance

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Implementation Guidance


FAQs and Responses for the Annual NIMS Survey

What is the minimum training required?
The NIMS Training Program tables provide guidance for levels of training required based on response activities/complexity of the event.

Who should complete the survey?
The survey should be completed by county EMAs, which should reflect local partners (i.e., other county agencies). County EMAs should forward the survey to any sub-jurisdictions with populations greater than 5,000. In addition, the survey is distributed to state agency partners who directly support emergency management functions within the state.

How do I know which sub-jurisdictions responded to the survey? And how do I receive a copy of my responses?
In mid-October, the Ohio EMA Planning Training & Exercises Branch will compile the report for input to the FEMA website. Responses will be sorted by county, and a copy will be sent to the respondent and to each EMA director for the responding agencies within their county.

Should local EMAs submit a separate survey from each county agency/partner?
To eliminate confusion, the preference is one per jurisdiction (with the county EMA as the respondent for all county agency partners), but only if possible. If it is easier for county agencies to respond separately, Ohio EMA staff will aggregate the responses later.

Is there a way to save the form for printing or completing later?
Microsoft Forms will save your responses as you proceed through the survey. As long as you do not close the browser window or navigate away from the page, you can pause your response and complete the form later. Ohio EMA advises completing the form in one sitting, just in case. The form contains questions covering the following topics:

  • NIMS Adoption
  • Training Program
  • Resource Typing and Inventory
  • Qualification Systems
  • Mutual Aid
  • EOC Structure
  • Future Planning

Contact the Planning, Training, & Exercise Branch if you need a printed copy of the survey for reference. All survey responses must be submitted through the online form.