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Family Assistance and Victim Identification Centers Planning Guidance

Family Assistance Center/Victim Identification Center (FAC/VIC) Field Operations Guide (FOG):

  • provides a framework to facilitate regional or county coordination of situational awareness and response to determine when a FAC/VIC is needed;
  • assists with victim identification and family reunification with the missing and deceased after a catastrophic incident;
  • outlines the key essential elements of information for determining when a FAC/VIC is needed after a catastrophic incident; and
  • provides tools for planning or responses when implementing an FAC/VIC.

Mass Fatality Incident (MFI) is an emergency management term used to identify an incident involving more dead bodies and/or body parts than can be located, identified, and processed for final disposition by available response resources.

The Family Assistance Center (FAC) model is a framework for providing family assistance following a mass fatality incident (MFI). Family assistance is defined as the provision of services and information to the family members of those killed and to those injured or otherwise impacted by the incident.

The Victim Identification Center (VIC) is designed to collect ante mortem data in order to facilitate the positive identification of each decedent; the data will be compared with postmortem data in order to allow a Coroner/Medical Examiner (C/ME) to determine cause, manner, and time of the decedent's death.