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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Assistance Toolbox

Assistance Toolbox

The Assistance Toolbox is a comprehensive compilation of forms, guidance, fact sheets, etc. developed to assist county EMA offices, local officials and Ohio EMA staff during the recovery phase of a disaster.

The Assistance Toolbox:

  • Addresses the damage assessment process, including forms to use to report damages;
  • Provides guidance for requesting supplemental financial assistance for private (Individual Assistance) and public damages (Public Assistance) from the State and/or federal governments;
  • Provides information on assistance programs;
  • Provides guidance on pre-event planning; and
  • Provides guidance on public information, focused on recovery

This guidance has been intentionally designed to be copied, distributed and shared with any audience and the reproduction and use of this information does not require pre-approval by Ohio EMA. This information is current and accurate at this time and will be reviewed and updated each January. However, if there is significant change to policy or procedure before each January, this Assistance Toolbox will be updated at that time. Please contact the Disaster Recovery Branch at 614-799-3665 if you have questions.


Tab A - Individual Assistance Damage Assessment
Tab B - Public Assistance Damage Assistance
Tab C - Federal Declaration Process
Tab D - Assistance Programs
Tab E - Planning
Tab F - Public Information
Tab G - Terms
Appendix A - Checklists
Appendix B - Forms