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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency State Recovery Strategies

Local Recovery Planning

The ability of a community to successfully manage the recovery process begins with its efforts in pre-disaster preparedness, mitigation, and recovery capacity building. These efforts result in resilient communities with an improved ability to withstand, respond to, and recover from disasters. Pre-disaster recovery planning promotes a process in which the whole community fully engages with and considers the needs and resources of all its members. The community will provide leadership in developing recovery priorities and activities that are realistic, well planned, and clearly communicated.

State Recovery Strategies

All disasters, whether natural or human-caused, require some level of recovery for the impacted survivors, businesses and local governments. These State Recovery Strategies are intended to provide roles and capabilities of local, state, federal and non-governmental agencies in support of recovery efforts. Roles and capabilities can include financial assistance and/or technical assistance. If you have any questions regarding these strategies, please contact the Disaster Recovery Branch at 614-799-3665.