Mitigation Planning

2019 State of Ohio Hazard Mitigation Plan (SOHMP)

The SOHMP contains information on natural hazards that could impact Ohio and the state's blueprint for reducing risk posed by those hazards. The highest priority hazards in Ohio include: riverine flooding, tornadoes, winter storms, landslides, dam/levee failure, wildfire, coastal flooding/seiche, earthquakes, coastal erosion, drought, severe summer storms, invasive species, and land subsidence. The plan identifies actions that the State of Ohio will undertake to help protect people and property from natural hazards and their effects.

According to the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, all states must have a natural hazard mitigation plan approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in order to maintain eligibility for federal disaster assistance and mitigation funds. The State of Ohio Hazard Mitigation Plan was first approved by FEMA in 2005 and has been updated five times since the initial approval by FEMA. A recent change in federal regulations requires that the plan be updated and approved by FEMA every five years.

2019 SOHMP Summary Website
2019 State of Ohio Hazard Mitigation Plan Full Plan PDF
Table of Contents/List of Acronyms PDF
Executive Summary PDF
SECTION 1: Introduction
Section 1.1 - State Profile PDF
Section 1.2 - Planning Process PDF
Section 1.3 - Plan Integration PDF
Section 1.4 - Plan Maintenance PDF
Section 1.5 - Compliance PDF
Section 1.6 - Assurances Promulgation PDF
SECTION 2: Risk Analysis
Section 2.1 - Risk Analysis Overview and Summary PDF
Section 2.2 - Flood PDF
Section 2.3 - Tornado PDF
Section 2.4 - Winter Storm PDF
Section 2.5 - Landslide PDF
Section 2.6 - Dam/Levee Failure PDF
Section 2.7 - Wildfire PDF
Section 2.8 - Seiche/Coastal Flooding PDF
Section 2.9 - Earthquake PDF
Section 2.10 - Coastal Erosion PDF
Section 2.11 - Drought PDF
Section 2.12 - Severe Summer Storms PDF
Section 2.13 - Invasive Species PDF
Section 2.14 - Land Subsidence PDF
Section 2.15 - Future Potential Areas of Risk PDF
SECTION 3: State Mitigation Strategy
Section 3.1 - State Hazard Mitigation Goals, Objectives & Actions PDF
Section 3.2 - State Mitigation Action Plan Overview PDF
Section 3.3 - State Capability Assessment PDF
Section 3.4 - Mitigation Program Implementation Capability Assessment PDF
Section 3.5 - Commitment to State Mitigation Program PDF
SECTION 4: Local Mitigation Program Coordination
Section 4.1 - Local Capability Assessment Overview PDF
Section 4.2 - Local Mitigation Planning Assistance PDF
Section 4.3 - Local Mitigation Plan Integration Into State Plan PDF
Section 4.4 - Prioritizing Local Mitigation Funding Assistance PDF
Section 4.5 - Assessment of Mitigation Actions PDF
Appendix A - State of Ohio Disaster History PDF
Appendix B - Repetitive Loss Summary PDF
Appendix C - State-Owned Buildings & Critical Facilities PDF
Appendix D - Status of County/Local Mitigation Planning Efforts PDF
Appendix E - 2014 Mitigation Action Plan Table PDF
Appendix F - FEMA Mitigation Program Funding Summary PDF
Appendix G - Disaster Mitigation Strategy and Administrative Plan PDF
Appendix H - Ohio Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment PDF